Opening progressively from 2023, the Punggol Digital District (PDD) will be Singapore’s first ‘Enterprise District’. With shared spaces between industry, academia and Punggol residents, this new learning and economic hub will create brand new opportunities for collaboration and open innovation.

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) will bring unique applied learning experiences to their students and the broader community. The surrounding business park

developed by JTC will house 28,000 digital economy jobs. PDD is set to be a thriving business and learning ecosystem. Beyond serving the functional needs of students, workers, and residents, how can we create a unique experience for learning, working, and living in PDD?

The Punggol Digital District Hackathon is your opportunity to not only imagine, but also shape the digital district of the future. We want you to join us and co-create solutions to invent the future, together.



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Learn x Work

How might we create opportunities for SIT students to apply their learning and experiment with adjacent businesses, and thus participate more actively in the new digital economy?

How might we design new ways for people to exchange knowledge and expertise?

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Learn x Live

How might we support different forms of learning, in and outside the classroom?

How might visitors utilise spaces and services within the SIT campus and contribute to the learning environment for all?

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Work x Live

How might we promote the well-being of the PDD workforce, so they can do their everyday activities in ways that are convenient, healthier and meaningful.

How might we support new types of work arrangements, particularly for Punggol residents in PDD?

Why You Should Join

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Learn more about the vision for Singapore’s first ‘Enterprise District’ and the Future of Work and Learning.



Collaborate with
like-minded innovators to build amazing futuristic solutions. 

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Pitch your idea to a panel of government and industry leaders.

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Get Rewarded!

Stand to win from a big prize pool of $16,000 and get the chance to pilot your solution!

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Key Dates

Pre-hackathon Workshop

22 August

Get introduced to the Punggol Digital District and hear
from the experts as they take a deep dive into the challenges. 

Punggol Digital District Hackathon

31 August-1 September

Consult with expert mentors, prototype your solution,
and pitch to a panel of government and industry leaders! 

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